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We can make any design into a neon light. Contact us via WhatsApp at 88755588 to enquire.



What are your neon signs made of?

We use LED neon to create your beautiful neon signs.

LED neon is cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, and safer than traditional glass neon products. They provide an incredible visual impact that outshines traditional glass neon signs.

LED neon is:

- Made with PVC & acrylic

- Powered by LED lights

- Cased in flexible rubber tubing

Is the neon sign safe to use at home?

With a light so eye-catching, it is sure to draw the curiosity of an eager toddler, or the kaypoh kitty. But don’t worry! They are definitely safe to use at home around our kids and pets.

What can I use the neon sign for?

Neon signs do so much more than just catch your eye. They are striking, and add splendour to any space they’re placed.

Can I use my neon sign outdoors?

You can use them anywhere. Decoration for homes, parties, wedding events, business venues - the possibilities for neon signs are endless.

We make both indoor and outdoor neon signs. Outdoor signs are made with weatherproof material which means your sign can light up the space, rain or shine!

There are additional charges for outdoor signs.

Note: Even though our outdoor signs are weather-proof, we strongly advise not using them in harsh weather conditions.

Can I install the neon sign on my own?

Sure can! It is as easy as mounting a photo frame on the wall. Please use the advertising screws to mount the neon sign on the wall.

If you chose the option to hang from ceiling, you will be provided with lifting ropes. After installation, the next step is to plug in the wire cable from the neon sign to the power cable. Finally, plug in the power cable into the power socket.

There will be instructions provided when you receive your neon sign.

However, if you need installation services, please let us know. Installation charges are separate and must be paid after installation is completed.

How are the neon signs powered?

Our neon signs come with a 12V AC adapter and connect directly into a standard power socket.

It is also possible to use batteries if you want to use the neon sign at a temporary location with limited power sockets and for a short duration of time. Send us a message via WhatsApp to enquire.

Do I have to do any maintenance or servicing for the neon signs?

There is no maintenance required. Provide it with TLC (tender loving care) and refrain from exposing the neon light to harsh weather conditions.

What is the length of the power cable?

The transparent wire from the neon sign is 1.8 meters long. The power cable is 2.2 meters. Total length from the neon sign to the power socket is 4 meters.

Need a longer cable? Whatsapp 88755588 to enquire.

How heavy is the neon sign?

A 100cm long neon sign weighs approximately 4kg-7kg. This also depends on the type of acrylic backing. Full backing will be heavier as compared to Cut-to-shape backing.

How long will it take to receive my neon sign?

Total time to deliver your neon sign is estimated between 10-12 business days upon receiving payment.

Please take note that during public holidays/festive seasons/sale periods, there might be some delay in processing your order.

How long is the warranty?

12 months of warranty on manufacturing defects, materials, electrical components and workmanship on all of our indoor neon signs. Damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation and/or physical damage during usage is not covered under the warranty.

Please call or write to us with pictures or videos to present the details about the issue. Our team will assess and investigate accordingly.

In the rare occurrence of a confirmed case of a manufacturing defect, we will make a new neon sign and deliver it to you free of charge.

If you still have more questions, please look at our FAQ page.